His Name Was Edgar Quimby

His Name Was Edgar Quimby Summary

Bobby Rothering had always been light years ahead of his peers, but he'd partied himself into an academic probation that only a perfect Senior project could pull him out of. His Hail Mary pass was to interview patients suffering from paranoid delusions and research whether there were nuggets of truth hidden inside. He is introduced to Edgar Quimby whose story hadn't changed in over 50 years, that he was a man who had come from the stars. This story, although a work of fiction, may reveal the truth behind the Tunguska event. Not only might aliens be living among us, they might already be living inside us.

Customer review:
"I enjoyed your story “His Name was Edgar Quimby”. It was easy to follow and entertaining. One of the aspects of the writing that I found interesting was the use of quick definitions, analogies, or synonyms. It lent a little to Douglas Adams I thought. However, those definitions, analogies, and synonyms became creepy as I applied them to the setting of your book cover. Then it had a sort of House on Haunted Hill effect in my mind. The Hitchcock-ian twist at the end was pretty cool too. Overall it was a cool story." - James McReynolds

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