Lonely Out in Space: A Collection of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Short Stories

Lonely Out in Space: A Collection of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Short Stories Summary

What if? What if a note that arrived at your feet every two hours and eleven minutes was all that separated you from utter madness as you floated through the vast recesses of space? What if all that kept you safe from a pride of lions and their murderous tamers was your own wit and will to live? What if your freedom depended on your performance in a motorcycle race? Lonely Out in Space, alternately known as LOiS, is a collection of twelve science fiction and fantasy stories which examine these scenarios, and many more.
From colonies on Mars to starship captains trying to solve the mystery of their own horrific past, from pineapple soda to ping pong, from a deep space public radio show to a fight for the last habitable planet, from romance to repulsion, from Titans to Death itself, and from snakes in the grass to lions in a bank, this collection of sci-fi and fantasy short stories is guaranteed to be a unique experience that will keep you guessing what could possibly happen next.

Lonely Out in Space shows that no matter how advanced a society or a being may be (or think they are), they'll never fully lose the one thing we all have in common today: our humanity. These twelve stories will thrill you, make you laugh, make you think, and hopefully make you stop, slow down, and appreciate the beauty of the world and the people on our very own planet. Don't take this all for granted. As you'll see in the stories, things could be very different...

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