Medical Sci-Fi Short Stories

Medical Sci-Fi Short Stories Summary

These short stories were written to explore some of the ethical issues medical advancements will bring forth. The scenarios are within the realm of possibilities for the not so distant future. The technological advancements will be significant steps but they bring to bear the law of unintended consequences. These works are published together for the first time.

Book Reviews


Medical Scifi short stories5 star

Short as indicated, but a good read. Looking forward to more from this author.55


Excellent Concepts4 star

While the author is still learning his craft, his story lines or concepts are excellent. I hope that someone helps this author more fully develop his craft. Truly a diamond in the rough.45

DD from Springdale

Okay but not great3 star

Some interesting ideas but writing often seems amateurish and characters are not deeply developed.35


Medical Sci Fi Short Stories4 star

This one caught me off guard. Worth your time. Several unusual ideas to provoke thought.45


A good read5 star

Quite creative and readable.55


Excellent medical scfi5 star

These are extremely well written stories that explore some of the difficult decisions that will need to be made as medical advances allow doctors to perform procedures that could lead to mind boggling results. And the truly interesting thing is that some of these procedures are not that far off! These stories are well worth reading and highly recommended.55

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