Neverending Dream Box Set Books #1-3

Neverending Dream Box Set Books #1-3 Summary


What screws us up the most in life is the picture in our heads of how life's supposed to be.

Robert O'Connell has a plan for his life and nothing is going to get in his way.

He's got the perfect woman by his side. They've been together for six years and he plans on marrying her as soon as he finishes his master's degree.

Attending the University of Edinburgh had been his dream. Living in Scotland, studying the history was part of the plan. Amy Addair was not part of the plan. The sexy, surly bartender at the local pub has caught his attention. She's not like any woman he's ever met. And she's trouble. Damaged goods not looking for a relationship.

Except now, she's got Robert rethinking his entire life plan. Is his girlfriend in New York the woman he's supposed to marry, or is there another woman he's meant to spend his life with?


"Damaged people are dangerous—they know they can survive."

Robert has the perfect girl back home in America. A real life to live after he's finished his Master's Degree in Scotland. Except there's this problem.

And the problem is a fiery, stunningly beautiful barmaid named Amy. She's everything Robert should be staying away from. She's not interested in romance, love or anything that goes with it.

So why is she stealing his heart? He knows she's only going to break it in the end.


She's trouble. Damaged goods.

Nothing is as it seems.

Robert 'Bobby' O'Connell has his life turned upside down when he learns the truth of his family.

The one woman in the world he hoped he could count on for support has pushed him away. When he returns to Scotland, ready to give Amy Addair an ultimatum, he discovers her darkest, most dangerous secret.

Terrified for her, he threatens to protect her—whatever the cost.  Unfortunately, her ex-boyfriend—an abusive, violent man—returns to claim Amy for his own.

Bobby finds himself in the fight of his life trying to save her from the man hell-bent on destroying her.

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