Robots Love Techno

Robots Love Techno Summary

Jude denounces friendship when his best friend ditches him for a new gang of boys. Playing by himself, he discovers strange things happen near an empty lot on Melpomene Street, items disappear, holes fill in, and the fence remains in perfect repair. When he asks people, no one can remember anything about the place and it does not appear on any maps. Undaunted, he researches the location, making the acquaintance of the only person who seems to also acknowledge its existence. His research is interrupted by the social necessities of a school dance, in which he somehow ends up going with the hottest girl in school. As both parts of his life collide, his research and his dance partner, Jude believes he is at odds with the Universe itself. Perhaps the Universe has more in store for Jude than he can fathom.

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