Saved By The Doctor Short Reads: Doctor Romance

Saved By The Doctor Short Reads: Doctor Romance Summary

In this collection of romances by Ivy Wonder, you'll find three Bad Boys who love and celebrate even more violently.

These are the books that this collection includes:

The Nurses of Saint Christopher's (A Secrets of the Flame Extra)

Rule number one, don't fall for your patients. Rule number two, forget rule number one …

He showed up in the ER with a broken tibia and a charming smile on his ruggedly handsome face.

I soon found out he couldn't take no for an answer, but then again, I answered with my own charming smile every time he asked me out.

One steamy night in his hospital bed changed my mind about everything.

He made my dreams dim in comparison to what he could do for me.

But could a spoiled billionaire and a hard-working nurse really last …

Repairing Tara (A What the Doctor's Orders Extra)

He came through my door unannounced and uninvited or so I'd thought.

How could such a handsome man with impeccable style be a plumber?

Mark Cofield owned one of the most well-respected plumbing businesses in Seattle.

So why was he in my home installing a jacuzzi tub when he could've sent an employee to do the job?

Seemed he'd seen me around town, heard I was single, and took on the job just to be around me.


You bet I was.

But I wasn't ready to do anything with the opposite sex.

Not yet.

I had to find me first. And I had no idea who I was or where to start looking for that girl I'd lost, what seemed like a lifetime ago.

Persistent, patient, and unwavering adoration made Mark a hard man to hold off.

Do I even want to…

Midnight Surprise (The Doctor's Nanny Extra)

I watched her dancing without a care in the world and knew I had to make her mine…

The way her body moved captivated me in a way nothing ever had.

Wild, young, free—she was all I never was.

Broken early on in life, my youth stolen, I'd never felt free a day in my life.

Until her body pressed against mine and our souls collided in the process…

I felt his eyes ravaging my body before he ever touched me…

Tall, dark, handsome, and totally brooding, he had my attention from the moment I saw him.

Most would've been afraid of the man who looked like he'd seen things no human was ever meant to see.

Not me, though.

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