The Forbidden Sitter: A Billionaire Holiday Romance

The Forbidden Sitter: A Billionaire Holiday Romance Summary

A little boy needed me. A grown man needed me. And I needed to let go of my V-card …

Excitement and sadness are a rare combination,

but that's exactly how I felt when I went to work as my big brother's best friend's babysitter.

Tossed away by his horrible mother, the two-year-old needed me desperately.

I could be there for the poor boy. But I fell in love.

With both the son and the father. My overprotective family wouldn't mind my love for the child.

But my love for the man who wasn't supposed to be touching me at all?

Well, no one was going to be okay with that.

So I told the billionaire who was used to getting his way that we'd have to hide our relationship.

Keep the steamy encounters a secret.

I found out billionaires do not like to be kept hidden.

So how long would I get to feel his phenomenal touch before we had to end it all?


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I tried, I really did..2 star

but I gave up after the fourth chapter. I was so confused by the main character and apparently the author was as well. The chapters from her perspective say Brooke, but her “brother” called her Emily twice within the first two chapters. I wasn’t a fan of the author’s writing. It seemed somewhat juvenile. Other than the somewhat creepy age gap, the concept for the plot was there. The execution, however, wasn’t.25


The Forbidden Sitter4 star

I don’t have the words to describe this read, but enter at your own risk. “Adopting “45


Rushed and unconvincing.2 star

Might not have been so gag worthy if the couple hadn’t gone from 0-60 in the turn of a page. The conversations and sex scenes were ick (like when you think about your parents getting it on) and the overall plot could have better developed and woven through out. Started out promising… started speed reading to get though it at 1/3 of the way through.25

Book Worm Plus

Forbidden Sitter5 star

Rich man, best friend little sister, baby he didn’t know about; really good love story.55


The Forbidden Sitter. Apple Books5 star

A good read. Highly recommend55


Amazing5 star

Kept me on my toes , I couldn’t put it down.55


Meh2 star

I liked the plot line but the way it’s written makes it awkward to read. Especially when you read some of the conversations between the characters. It’s very stilted and a little repetitive as well.25


Adorable!3 star

Great characters, sweet story, small twist, hot love scenes and a wonderful HEA! Recommend you won’t be disappointed.35


Gross1 star

A 2 year old should definitely be speaking a bit better not just a few words! Inaccurate gross and almost illegal relationship.15

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