The Moctezuman

The Moctezuman Summary

A collection of two hilarious scifi short stories, from the author of Dragon Removal Service:

"I wish he'd hurry up and sacrifice me, like I planned it. Otherwise I might die in this dank temple. But here he stands, nephew to the emperor of a quarter-million Aztec warriors, and Moctezuma does the one thing I don't want: he waits.

I've been locked up on this planet too long. If I don't get home soon, I'll be one dead alien.

I mean, I _look_ human... At least I think I got all the head-holes in the right places. But maybe Moctezuma is on to my tricks.

Maybe this time, my adventure is over."

This ebook (now a free audio production at The Overcast Podcast) also includes one bonus story: An award-winning scifi/horror tale about a lost firefighter in the wilds of Nevada, "A Long, Quiet Burn"

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