The Unremarkable Man

The Unremarkable Man Summary

Brandon is just a regular young man living an average life – until a chance encounter with a gifted woman changes everything. Alicia gives him the gift, which saves his life and grants him superhuman abilities, but it comes at a price. The gifted are hunted and have been for generations.

Safe in a sanctuary, Brandon and Alicia become close. But the moment they venture out, they cross paths with the soldiers who hunt the gifted. The encounter prompts Brandon to learn more about the origins of the gift and the extent of his new abilities. Undercover, he infiltrates the soldiers' group, and finds allies who will support him.

Now, Brandon is no longer a regular man drifting through life. He has a purpose: to bring an end to the centuries-old conflict between the gifted and the soldiers, and take the gifted out of the shadows and reveal them to the world.

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