Toxic Touch Box Set Books #1-3

Toxic Touch Box Set Books #1-3 Summary

Stop setting yourself on fire to keep someone else warm.

Book 1 - Noxious

Brady and Levi have been together since high school, since before he became famous and started thinking only about himself. Which he should, his football career is everything right now. Brady understands and doesn't mind she's slowly slipping into the background.

Except, when will it be fair to think about herself, or to want more? Where is the line between selflessness and self-sacrifice? Sometimes, she isn't sure she knows anymore.

But if she has to think about a life without Levi, it feels wrong. They've always been there for each other. It's always been about the dream, the goal. Even if it ended up being his dream, his goal.

Because if they're together, isn't it a team effort? Doesn't it become their dream, their goal, together? Or is she just fooling herself? Is it normal for people in a relationship to feel this alone?

Book 2 - Lethal

Brady Simmons is struggling.

A texted marriage proposal feels like a lame attempt to salvage their fraying relationship. When her boyfriend, Levi Duncan, makes strides at being better, Brady tries to convince herself that the rough patch is behind them and they can move forward. She forces herself to forget about the man that captured her attention in Vegas, James Gilmore.

When she catches Levi cheating again, she realizes she has to make a change.

Is it time she forges her own path?

Book 3 - Willful

To escape fear you have to go through it, not around it.

Brady Simmons is doing well for herself after leaving her ex behind. Her gallery is successful and her paintings are selling, but she still longs for the one that got away, James Gilmore.

An opportunity to work for a famous artist comes up, Brady decides to take the leap. She goes to England, finding herself close to where James lives. They meet again and sparks fly like they never have before.

When Brady sees the trajectory to fame James is on, she pulls back. She doesn't know if she can love another famous man.

Toxic Touch Series

Book 1 – Noxious

Book 2 – Lethal

Book 3 – Willful

Book 4 - Tainted

Book 5 - Craved

Book Reviews


Great set to read!5 star

This was a great set to read and once you start book 1, you can’t put it down until the end of book 3. Great story, plot and characters!!55


…. A better JOB5 star

This series is actually better than the authors normal writing in which it definitely Is her M.O. writing without proofreading her own work and inaccurate details in the story line that become a guessing game at times to put the puzzle together Don’t be fooled It is too closely related to another one of her story/series. Using both old and new melded into different characters sort of cheating in my book. Hours later… one book/story would suffice. Hard to believe this writer is a best selling author ! . #STAY SAFE55

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