Wicked Fairy Tales

Wicked Fairy Tales Summary

Eight fairy tales retold as short erotic tales.

Hunting Snow- Snow White finds herself in a predicament, her step-mother has sentenced her to death. How will she escape the hunts man? And does she really want to?

The Crazy Frog Princess- When Elle looses her necklace an enchanted frog comes to the rescue. In return Elle let's the creature, eat from her plate and sleep on her pillow. Much to her parent concern, has royal life finally made the poor princess snap?

Rum- Lily's father's bragging gets them into a lot of trouble. Giving the choice between spinning straw into gold and the dungeon, Lily tries her hardest. When a strange little man offers her help who's she to say no. No matter what the price.

Red Ribbons- After much pressing by her fiance Rose ventures into the woods to visit his family. But what she finds may change how she sees him and herself.

Waking Beauty- After finding his princess, Prince Roland learns it takes more than one kiss to wake all of the sleeping beauty.

The Pirate Mermaid- Cliona's first day above the waves turns fortuitous when she is hauled aboard a pirate ship and she learns how humans seal a deal.

Beauty and The Beast- Beauty learns that looks are only skin deep and helps break the curse on the beast.

Prince Charming's Problem- Prince Charming has a problem. He's saved one to many princesses, five to be exact and now his father is forcing him to pick one. But does it have to be just one? (This story is just sweet, no sex, sorry)

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