Shape the World with Me!

Shape the World with Me! Summary

Discover SHAPES around the world!

From Diamonds in Nepal to Hearts in France, your child will discover SHAPES around the world! See REAL KIDS from Costa Rica to Zambia teaching shapes with objects around them. Become immersed in CULTURE and DISCOVERY with each page.

Bring learning to life! Our books make learning a multi-sensory experience with sight, sound and touch; empowering children to LEARN important concepts FASTER. Learn shapes with large, colorful photographs of children and objects from countries around the world. Learning through photography will increase your child's perception of the REAL WORLD and allow for a new level of cultural AWARENESS and appreciation.

**E3 Imagine was founded on the principle of helping others, so for each printed book sold, a printed book will be donated. We hope you enjoy our books and support the movement to bring education and literacy to places around the world where donation of simple educational books can make a big difference. #buyabookgiveabook **

Other Features

•See videos of kids around the world. •Touch the shapes on each page to interact with them and see what they do! •Pinch to put pages away, and swipe from side to side. •Learn Geography with maps on each page. •Learn new words in Swahili, Nepali, French, Cantonese and more.

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