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Startup Best Practices Summary

Startup Best Practices contains in-depth conversations with Silicon Valley serial entrepreneurs who share a wealth of business experience and lessons learned that help newbie entrepreneurs focus on the important issues.
Their practical guidance in business fields such as finance, marketing and sales, and management and organization is directed at the key challenges that startups typically face. Cees J. Quirijns gets these startup wizards to share their entertaining, informative, and invaluable insights and devises the common thread.
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Great book5 star

This research, based on real life experiences, delivers true thoughts from entrepreneurs who learned from success and failure in a very straight and simple way. I loved reading it and truly believe, it will be huge value added for me. I think, buying the book paid off big time! Thanks a lot for publishing it and congrats Cees for a great book. MV55

Luke slinger

Thank you5 star

This book was awesome it was truly inspiring and very informative. I hope to one day share my story with your site but in the meantime I will use the information in this book as a guide line that keeps me motivated in pursuing entrepreneurship.55

Cheeky Prickster

Great book for Entrepreneurs5 star

This is a great book which I would highly recommend for Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs (especially for tech entrepreneurs). When I got this book, it was free and definitely worth the read. A lot of great tips inside and took me only two days to read.55

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