Diary of a 7th Grade Drama Queen

Diary of a 7th Grade Drama Queen Summary

Twelve-year-old Taylor Raegan Quinn never expected seventh grade to be easy, but from the very start she winds up in the middle of friendship battles, secrets, and a whole lot of drama.

She loses her best friend, gets blackmailed by her own brother, and winds up the target of secret notes—both from a secret admirer and someone threatening to ruin her life.

Can she dig her way out of all the drama and manage to pass seventh grade?

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OMG I LOVE IT!!!5 star

I loved this book soooo soooo much, and I really hope the author makes another one!!!55


OMG5 star

ITS THE BEST I LOVED IT Lucas would look so cute with her though!!😫 pls make a part 2!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I love it so much dat I asked my Library teacher to find it for me!! Also when she screamed AHHH!!! I jumped out of bed and screamed too!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣dis also was like when I was in 2nd grade. I’m in 3rd grade right now and I’m 8 me name is Ava all tho the sample is good oh and I’m a tomboy55


awesome!!5 star

oml best thing ever55

Horse rider234

Loved this book❤️5 star

This was an awesome book. I loved reading about her adventures and I was happy that she and her enemies became friends.55


Love it 😍5 star

This book is full of typical average middle challenges. As a 6th grader I have dealt with these challenges myself. It was really nice to connect with Taylor.55


Great book5 star

Good and interesting book55


Funny!5 star

I really enjoyed reading this hilarious book55

Gummy player

Wow5 star

The story is the best thing I ever read. I had to read this for school and I love, Keep writing!55

izzy7th grade drama queen

L.o.v.e the book❤️❤️❤️5 star

That was the best book ever.It was awesome it described my life last year.And I loved it very much.Thank you to the author.And thank you to the mother for helping her with the book.In conclusion you should right more books like this one.55


?5 star

How are you the only person who reviewed this book55

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