Today I Am Mad

Today I Am Mad Summary

Kids feel emotions in big ways! Here's a great story for helping kids manage their feelings.
* Help children learn to identify and regulate their emotions  
* Anger is a normal, healthy emotion.
* Behaving badly doesn't make you bad 
* Teaching your kids to deal with disappointment 
* Learn to tame your temper 
* Teaching kids about empathy, kindness, and compassion 

It has a great message:
"This is a sweet little book. My 4 year old quotes it now when he starts getting cranky. " - Julia
"We like this book! IT's fun, and my girls like me to read it to them every night before bed" - Liz

Explains empathy & kindness:
"I got this book for my grandson. The pictures are colorful and the story teaches about patience. Book is perfect for the 3-5 -year old." - Kathy
"Cute story, emphasizes empathy & kindness. My kids loved it!" - Carol
* Cute illustrations with nice rhyming story
 * Not too long, grabs kid's attention

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Book Reviews

k-dawg kingdom

Book review3 star

I though it was a really good book! Good job!35


This is a good book5 star

I read this to my little brother and he really enjoyed it. It’s a great book to read to little kids. He loves it!55


Teachs kids to be nice4 star

It teachs kids to be nice45


Chasity Mckeever:)5 star

I liked it55

Alayah Brown

Today I Am Mad4 star

I like this book because it teaches you to not be mad and just be kind I would definitely read this book to my children or students when i get older cause now I’m just 845


...5 star

Nice book55


Excellent book5 star

That’s a nice book to read with children. I enjoyed this lecture.55


Epic5 star



Calming5 star



good4 star

good for kids45

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