Of Myth and Magic

Of Myth and Magic Summary

A comparison of religion, philosophy and magick throughout history. Are all religions basically the same? What are the similarities between the New Age, Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Mormonism and the Jehovah’s Witnesses? What do paganism and Gnostic Christianity have in common? Is secular humanism really superior to “mere religion” or just another means to the same end? Is there any truly original supernatural philosophy? What sets it apart from current religious practice? Is there a way to find Truth and contentment?

Book Reviews


Thoughtful5 star

Makes you think and is in line with the New Testament.55


Of Myth and Magic1 star

Giving this ebook one star is being kind. If this had been a hardcopy I would beat the author viciously about the head and shoulders. The only saving grace for this book is when it ended.15


Simplistic2 star

This presents very basic and general ideas regarding the way philosophers and religious people think. The argumentative writing style becomes repetitive after a few pages and doesn’t add any substance to the debate between philosophy and religion.25


Opinion4 star

Maybe the author should have included the possibility of Symbolism in ancient scripture.45


Great Read5 star

Great read. It captures all answers one could ever about the true state of religion and spirituality. I recommend it for anyone seeking answers to the past, present and the future.55


Not as advertised1 star

Welcome to a book that has nothing to do with the title. With modern fiction we realize this is a selling technique. But you came here for myth and magic and it seemed interesting. Well dear reader let me tell you this is not the journey for you to take. The only mention of magic is to slander those who believe in the magical ways, just as the author did to philosophers and organized religion before it. Is there any myth in this book? Not in the traditional sense, not really any unless you just say the story of Jesus is a myth, which is an idea the author doesn’t even seem committed too. This is a rant dressed in a suit. It desperately wants to be a though provoking piece but is really just a ramble that has been discussed by many people over time. It presents itself as an angry atheist trying to demean the church while acknowledging they believe in the Jesus story. I guess that’s not an atheist. I guess I’m as confused as the terrible crusade this author just went on.15


Horrible1 star

The author is in dire need of taking a few philosophy courses. This book was absolute drivel. If you want to read someone write an unsophisticated, rambling, rant against the Christian church, this book is for you. If you're curious about myth and/or magic, you'll get more from reading a cereal box. 1 star is too high a mark.15


Clear and concise4 star

Interesting and thought provoking.45

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