Read With Us: Caste

Read With Us: Caste Summary

Apple Books and Oprah’s Book Club present Read With Us: Caste, An Oprah’s Book Club Discussion Guide.

Oprah has called Isabel Wilkerson’s book the most important selection she’s ever made: “Caste is a game-changing, revolutionary, profound look at how we got where we are in terms of inequality. Wilkerson describes how an unspoken caste system underpins most oppression in American history and helps explain our current divisions and pain.”

This Oprah’s Book Club Discussion Guide includes an introductory letter from Oprah herself, an inspiring Q&A with Isabel Wilkerson, discussion questions to prompt self-reflection and important conversations, and recommended reads for anyone wanting to learn more about the topics and history explored in Caste.

If you haven’t yet read Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents, download it now and read with us.

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