The Dichotomy of Black Consciousness

The Dichotomy of Black Consciousness Summary

Written during his senior year of college, Rodion’s 2011 thesis inquires into the dilemmas faced during the maturation of the black male in America through the examination of events in his own life as well as the review of literature by authors such as Carter G. Woodson, W.E.B. Dubois, Na’im Akbar, and Frederick Douglass. The Dichotomy of Black Consciousness juxtaposes the experience of the athlete with that of the academic, and analyzes the relationship between the two in order to uncover the true nature of the dichotomy and better understand the self as a whole.

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Nini The Nerd

Read this book front to back at least 5 times.5 star

Enjoyable read and the book is much more shorter then I expected. Decided to pick out a book for black history month and ran across the “Dichotomy of Black consciousness” it had me hooked instantly, Every page is extremely edifying and yummy for spirit. This should be a book that all ppl have read at some point in their life. Much respect to the author for reuniting me with our past scholars. Reminding me that Education is path to a bright future.55


Amazing Read5 star

Love this A lot of great references and a beautiful personal story.55


Great5 star

The difference between maleness, boyhood, and manhood really struck a chord with me. Great analysis and enlightening read. Highly recommend55

Pharaoh Reek

Perfect5 star

This book definitely took a piece of my life and simplified all the emotions I thought I had alone from so many different aspects this masterpiece will remain with me for an eternity.55


Must resd5 star

Very important insights and call to action for men, women, parents ...55

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