The Dichotomy of Black Consciousness

The Dichotomy of Black Consciousness Summary

Written during his senior year of college, Rodion’s 2011 thesis inquires into the dilemmas faced during the maturation of the black male in America through the examination of events in his own life as well as the review of literature by authors such as Carter G. Woodson, W.E.B. Dubois, Na’im Akbar, and Frederick Douglass. The Dichotomy of Black Consciousness juxtaposes the experience of the athlete with that of the academic, and analyzes the relationship between the two in order to uncover the true nature of the dichotomy and better understand the self as a whole.

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Awesome.5 star

As a black man this book spoke to me. Recently just deleted social media to begin reading. All the books mentioned are definitely getting read. Definitely a good start to a inside look into ourselves.55

Kishon Reynolds

This was an amazing experience, as I related to many of the topics discussed in the book.5 star

Every black man should read this book! Especially with the current outlook on us today.55

Steal Searching

Read it to Lead it5 star

Awesome from the writers self examination to the historical examination of Strong black men of us saving ourselves. Read it to lead it!!!!55

Big Mfin Lo

Insightful Perspective5 star

Beyond the author’s ability to describe his own experiences, he does an excellent job of educating readers with excerpts of prominent black scholars. Great read.55


Loved it5 star

This book is great for any young, black man growing up in America that’s trying to get in the path of true manhood. There were a few good pointers that could open up the mind to get on track and stay on track to be a “man.”55

Omari aka sircoto

a must read5 star

i enjoyed the breakdown and its a must read for black men looking for insight55


Amazing!5 star

Reading this, it has brought so much awareness to the issues involving the Black Man in today’s society. 5/5 read. Short, Mentally Stimulating, and Straight to The Point!55

Tony Cleave

Read for self growth🔥🔥5 star

I believe if you are on the road to self-healing and mental health read this book. More importantly, if you are a Black male you have to read this.55

Nini The Nerd

Read this book front to back at least 5 times.5 star

Enjoyable read and the book is much more shorter then I expected. Decided to pick out a book for black history month and ran across the “Dichotomy of Black consciousness” it had me hooked instantly, Every page is extremely edifying and yummy for spirit. This should be a book that all ppl have read at some point in their life. Much respect to the author for reuniting me with our past scholars. Reminding me that Education is path to a bright future.55


Amazing Read5 star

Love this A lot of great references and a beautiful personal story.55

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