The Future of the American Negro

The Future of the American Negro Summary

The American educator and author of "Up from Slavery" sets forth his ideas regarding the history of enslaved and freed African Americans and their need for education in order to advance themselves.

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Werwolf II

Gripping Truth4 star

Education, Property, and Christianity appears to the tools much stated for a race. I tend to believe that Dignity , Truth, and God would be more fitting. However, a glimpse into the past reveals that much more is needed to survive as a race. Segregation provided that the economics are sourced from within.45


Should be required reading in schools today5 star

Mr. Washington's message is as much if not more pertinent today as when it was written 100 yrs ago. Except today it is applicable to all races in America today. We all need to apply ourselves to the betterment of our nation as a whole. We need to return to the foundations that made America great.55

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