Behind Civilisation

Behind Civilisation Summary

#The first book specifically looking into the nature of civilization and the mechanism that governs civilisation
#A book to investigate civilisation with a novel approach, Newtonian mechanics.
#A book to investigate social structure, activity and development by systematically comparing them with the structure, activity and development of a human body.
#A book to demonstrate that civilisation, like all small particles and mega mass celestial bodies, is ultimately governed by a common mechanism which is a set of fundamental laws of physics and can be represented by a mathematical model.
#A book allowing you to understand the nature of historical and upcoming technological revolutions and their relationships in regards to a human body.
#A book allowing you to foresee the upcoming technological revolutions and their social impacts by following the laws of physics and medical sciences.
#A book once and for all unequivocally solving a long lasting mystery: what is beauty?
#A book successfully answering the question why the ancient Greeks could create a brilliant civilisation and why there were so many great thinkers.
#A book answering why scientific revolution originated from Europe rather than from other regions and why Europe entered into the Modern Age ahead of other civilisations (Needham’s grand question).
#A book with an in depth analysis of the mechanisms leading to different development paths of Chinese civilisation and Western civilisation in history.
#All the aforementioned issues can be explained by the Interrelationships Model which is an alternative to address the issue of TOE, “the Theory of Everything”.
#All the new approaches used in this book are “unorthodox” and have never been used before. Therefore, it delivers these extraordinary outcomes.

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