Español I

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This book is designed for people who are studying Spanish for the first time, and also for those who studied it in the past and would like to brush up on it.  The book focuses on essential phrases, grammar, and vocabulary, and tries to give useful, real-life examples.

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I liked this book a lot5 star

I like this book55


GTavoM🌠5 star




Ahora, hablo español.45

Jackson Punt

Good tool to learn4 star

Pour favor señorita la book la good for espaniol45


Excellent and very logical book!5 star

This is a very useful book. The material is structured and presented in a very logical and concise manner. It's not too rich on vocabulary but it gives very good understanding of the basics of the language and very useful tools to master it further.55


Great book5 star

I sincerely hope that there is a Spanish II. This book is informative and easy to follow along with. Bueno.55


Very helpful4 star

I really like the way he explains things. It also has embedded audio with directives. I hope there are more like this book.45


Bargain city!5 star

For a free book this is terrific. It includes audio explanations, videos, and interactive exercises. If you are starting with no Spanish, it probably would go a bit quickly, but as a review for someone who knows the basics, this is better than many of the books that cost something.55

Spanish ebook

Espanol by Nance5 star

I am very impressed by this book. I like the emphasis on pronunciation and the common sense approach to vocabulary. I will be using it as a resource in my face to face classroom as well as recommending it to my virtual students as a great ancillary, reinforcement. I also love th introduction with its rationale and presentation of people and places to the Spanish-speaking world, as well as its overall organization or the book!55

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