Easy Vegetarian Cooking: 75 Delicious Vegetarian Soup and Stew Recipes

Easy Vegetarian Cooking: 75 Delicious Vegetarian Soup and Stew Recipes Summary

Soups and Stews: In this 4th edition in this vegetarian cookbook series, it's all about delicious garden meals in a bowl. Soups and stews are timeless, and can serve either as a menu starter, or as the main course. As with all the vegetarian books in this cookbook collection, these soup and stew recipes are simple and easy for anyone to follow, whether you're a beginner cook or a kitchen alchemist. Soups and stews also offer a great use for leftover veggies, beans and rice, and all these easy vegetarian recipes use ingredients that are readily available at any farmers market, natural foods store or your local grocer.

Budget-friendly, time-friendly and ease of use, makes this soup and stews recipe cookbook a perfect addition to your vegetarian cookbook collection. From hearty and classic, to exotic or light, you're sure to find just the right vegetarian soup and stew recipe for every meal occasion.

Here's what you'll find inside 'Easy Vegetarian Cooking: 75 Delicious Vegetarian Soup & Stew Recipes'

Chapter 1: Vegetarian Cream Soups

Chapter 2: Vegetarian Bean-Based Soups

Chapter 3: Vegetarian Hearty and Savory Soups

Chapter 4: Vegetarian Stews and Chowders

Chapter 5: Vegetarian Light and Figure-Friendly Soups

Chapter 6: Vegetarian Flavors From Around the World Soups

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