Low Carb: 100 Low Carb Breakfast Recipes for Successful Weight Loss in 2 Weeks

Low Carb: 100 Low Carb Breakfast Recipes for Successful Weight Loss in 2 Weeks Summary

Weight loss in two weeks is a recurring theme in cookbooks. While their recipes often focus on lunch, dinner or snacks, one of the most important meals is often greatly neglected. Of course we’re talking about breakfast. And just like all low carb recipes, taste is much more important than doing without.

The 100 recipes in this cookbook are split into 10 categories, each with 10 recipes. These categories are:

Sweet recipes

Fruit, vanilla or coconut are important in starting your day on a sweet note. With these simple recipes you can even make crepes in no time at all.

Hearty recipes

Starting your day with a hearty breakfast will give you plenty of energy for a stressful day. Cold cuts, meat and fish further provide important protein while keeping the carb count low.

Vegetarian recipes

Vegetarian low carb recipes offer a much greater variety than you may think. These ten recipes will give you a little taste that will make you want more.

Vegan recipes

Vegan + low carb = the perfect combination for a successful day. Even if these two diets first seem to greatly limit your food options, once you try the 10 recipes you will learn it’s a win win for a balanced low carb diet.

Recipes for at home

On weekends or days off breakfast becomes a feast. The ten recipes in this category will make cooking in your pajamas twice as much fun.

Recipes to go

We don’t always have time for a cozy breakfast in bed. The recipes in this category are easy to make and will make life a little sweeter, even if you’re stuck in traffic or waiting on your way to work.

Recipes for guest

Not every guest will be thrilled when they hear low carb breakfast. With these ten recipes for guests, however, they’re sure to join you for breakfast again.

Recipes for special occasions

There are a number of great occasions throughout the year to spoil yourself and your loved ones with a breakfast to fit the occasion. These ten recipes show that low carb is the right choice 365 days a week.

Recipes for work

Sometimes your shift ends just when breakfast normally starts. The ten simple recipes for work make it easy to turn breakfast into the basis for a relaxing end of the workday.

International recipes

Breakfast isn’t just important in Germany. The ten recipes in this category show it’s worth going global, even when it comes to breakfast.

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