Lunchbox Solutions

Lunchbox Solutions Summary

Discover our fantastic ideas to nurture your family's health in our new interactive multi-touch book...

— The Impact of Our Food Today
— Top Ten Health Tips
— Getting Children to Eat Healthy Foods
— Healthy Lunch Ideas for Everyone
— Includes a Multitude of Free Resources

Lunchbox Solutions is a new cookbook series and health resource for parents written by Therese Kerr (mother of Miranda Kerr, proud grandmother of Flynn and GM of Kora Organics), Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani (International award-winning, best-selling author and mother of four) and Chef Kate McAloon (Chef to numerous Hollywood stars).

This is an interactive experience that offers step-by-step guides, informative videos, shopping list suggestions for easy pantry stocking solutions and loads of fantastic tips on how to vastly (and easily!) improve the health of you and your family.

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Book Reviews


Good read, just not what I expected4 star

This book is NOT meant to be a cookbook. The authors have a series of cookbooks with lunchbox meal ideas. This book is simply meant to educate you on healthy eating and gives some great tips on how to do so. It’s very well laid out and I love that they added a glossary of problem foods. Overall, it was a nice book to flip through quickly, I just wish they had more recipes - hence the 4 star review.45


No1 star

Not a cookbook15


Not a cookbook1 star

If ur looking for healthy lunch recipes, this is not ur book. Explains healthy eating.15


Bad1 star


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