Temples in Korea

Temples in Korea Summary

Learn about the hidden gems of Korea with Hallie Bradley as she shares insight and information about Temples in Korea. Often times, they are tucked away in mountains, and if you can visit them, the true nature and beauty of the Korean peninsula is revealed. 

Author and photographer Hallie Bradley shares rich information, beautiful photography, and travel tips for anyone wanting to explore and get to know the Soul of Korea. If you can't go to Korea, this guide is informative and fun to read. 

Hallie Bradley grew up in Dayton, Ohio but as soon as she graduated from Ohio University she moved abroad and has been based in Seoul, Korea since 2006. From there she has traveled extensively around the Korean peninsula and has backpacked for a month through Vietnam and into Cambodia, visited Thailand, China and Japan and backpacked for a month and a half through Nepal and northern India. She takes every opportunity to travel which has included numerous trips back to the States and a weekend in Sydney, Australia too. 

Follow her on her adventures with her growing multicultural family abroad.

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