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The Art of Influence: Techniques to Master Mind Control, Manipulation & Deception Persuasion is among the most important social skills in the 21st century. Lack of influence or persuasion renders an individual invisible; unable to get people's attention and ultimately becoming a failure in the business world. In order to sell a product, basic persuasion techniques are required. In your personal relationship, you need to be persuasive in order to win the heart of that special person. All the significant success in life is tied to persuasion and influence. Unfortunately, not many people have fully understood the art of persuasion or how to use it effectively in their social interactions. This book provides an insight into the ultimate art of persuasion and the principles of influence that could be used in the modern social circle to control the actions and decisions of people. It provides practical examples of the ways you can use each principle in real-life situations to achieve an intended success. The strategies mentioned in this book have been used by modern industry CEOs, politicians, social influencers, trend-starters, and con artists in establishing control and power. Persuasion is an art that could be learned, and you can master the principles of mind control using these new strategies. You will also learn... The art of deception Techniques to master mind control How to analyze people Ways to build social authority Keeping people under control in your absence How to influence people without talking Persuasion techniques used by salesmen and modern industries If you want to achieve power, influence, and social authority, access this book to begin a wonderful journey.

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