Chakras: A Complete Guide to Chakra Healing:Balance Chakras, Improve your Health and Feel Great

Chakras: A Complete Guide to Chakra Healing:Balance Chakras, Improve your Health and Feel Great Summary

What is Chakra Healing and How can you apply its principles throughout your life? Learn the basics today with this straightforward book.

Are you looking to uncover the immense natural energy you can enjoy when your chakras are balanced and healthy? 

Do you find yourself looking for a path that can help you unlock the secrets to happiness, energy, and wellbeing? 

The chakras have long been seen as the most important centers of energy and power in the human body. When the chakras are fully functional, the body can stay healthy and at peace. 

Naturally, there are many outside forces that can hurt our bodies and keep the chakras from being open. The chakras must be open and flowing if the body and mind are to be healthy and happy. 

This guide will help you to understand the seven chakras and how they will work to improve your body in general. Each individual chakra covers different parts of the body and various emotional and physical aspects of your life. 

You will learn about how to identify the key signs of blocked chakras while also learning about what you can do to restore their functions. These include many routines that are easy to incorporate into your daily life. 

After downloading this book you will learn

What are the seven chakras 

What are the signs and symptoms of blocked chakras 

Causes of Blockages and Healing of Imbalances 

Positive Habits and How They Influence The Chakras 

Dietary Habits 

The Energetic Influence of Others 

External Triggers of Chakra Blocks 

Chakra Block – General Healing Technique
And Much More 

Book Reviews


Good info, not the best quality3 star

I appreciated the simplistic nature of the book. This allowed for the good information about chakras to become accessible to any reader. However, it was poorly edited. There are spelling and grammar mistakes, repeated pages, and more. This pulls from the natural reading flow.35


Chakras5 star

Was looking for more information on Chakras and this guide provided all the answers I was looking for and, not to mention, it was not a very long read so to say it’s concise and easy to read for those searching for answers.55


Hi5 star

Had to be #66655


God bless5 star

Thank you for this book and the knowledge55


Poor editing, good information3 star

I learned a lot from this book, he briefly covered all the chakra systems and possible ailments. There was decent info on crystals and stones as well. The only issue I had is how poor the editing and grammar was. It’s almost laughable35


I liked the read4 star

Even though I have no ideas of chakras and there points and meanings this book is great for beginners and helps you dive in with ease!45


Great5 star

I enjoyed it but didn't have the meditations in it55


Very helpful and easy to read5 star

As a beginner to Chakra healing, I found this book very helpful in my understanding of each Chakra and what I can do to help myself heal. I will continue to use this as a guide.55


Recommend5 star

Great simple straight to the point55


Great, quick read!5 star

Simply explained and very digestible!55

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