The Feel Good Myth

The Feel Good Myth Summary

What is my purpose?

Why am I here?  You’ve probably read countless self-help books, been to dozens of seminars and workshops, meditated, journaled, and searched under rocks, but have you found any answers yet?  Chances are, you’re still struggling with daily life.  You’re still wondering if there’s “something more.”  You’re still struggling to attain peace, happiness, enlightenment, and joy.  The search for these things is the oldest quest known to humankind, but are we barking up the wrong tree? 

Let Go of the Struggle

We tend to believe that people who have found meaning—those who are “self-realized” or “enlightened”—don’t ever feel depressed or angry or frustrated.  We imagine that they never feel the unpleasant stuff, so we run after what we think they have and often end up more miserable than we started.  What if you realized that all feeling states were equally welcome and valid?  What if you could finally achieve ultimate peace, freedom, and joy?  The good news is that you can and it doesn’t involve a path of suffering or mantras or gurus.

The Real Path to Peace

In turns out that all you need is yourself and the present moment.  The Feel Good Myth by Joey Lott will set your mind free and unchain you from the bondage of beliefs that have held you miserably captive your entire life.  As you begin to separate from the false assumptions that have dominated your beliefs thus far, you’ll naturally find more peace, more security, and more ease.  The irony is that when we stop struggling to get to the endpoint of heaven or enlightenment or meaning, we realize we have more than we ever knew.  Learn to relax, let go, accept yourself, and naturally find the peace you’ve been searching for your entire life.

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