Wicca Herbal Magic

Wicca Herbal Magic Summary

Herbs are extremely important in Wicca, and you’ll find that there are many herbs that are easy to start with. Many of these herbs you can grow in your own garden and this book will teach you everything from what the herb is used for and how to cultivate it all the way to what spells you can use them in.

Inside you will read about..
✓ Some Herbal Basics 
✓ Basic Herbs to Start With 
✓ Some Herbal Baths 
✓ Herbal Pouches & Medicine Bags
✓ Magical Teas to Start With
✓ Magical Oils to Help 
✓ More Herbal Magic to Try    
✓ A Guide to Purchasing Your Herbs
✓ A Little about Gathering Herbs
✓ How to Dry & Store Herbs

In this book, you’ll find spells for luck, love, divination and so much more. You can kiss bad dreams goodbye, and these spells and rituals will help to enhance your quality of life.

Book Reviews


Awesome4 star

I love this book. It’s very informative and helpful. I really enjoyed it.45


Better then expected! :)5 star

I will say, this book was better then I expected. It was well written with clear instructions. I think they could have added maybe a list of magical herbs(Not necessarily all of them just the main ones you see other witch’s use, which is different for everyone but something like rosemary would help-), that would be helpful for beginners. But it is a great book the recipes are great! And you don’t have to say what the quoted to say just stir in your intentions, this would be a great book for baby witches to start learning!55


Easy to read5 star

Enjoyed reading this. Explained how everything worked very clearly. Will definitely be getting some herbs and doing a few of these spells55


10/10! great for those just starting this journey!5 star

I’ve only just started on this journey, and this book was very helpful! Worth the read for beginners!55

Emily Gall

Yuhhh5 star

The best book I’ve red on herb magick so far !!! 💕55


Good read!5 star

This is great information for beginners! Love the origin insight of the herbs!55


Baby witch5 star

I’m just starting out on my journey into witchcraft as a whole not just Wicca, yet and this was such an insightful book. 10/10, would definitely recommend to beginners looking for somewhere to start and gain knowledge! Thank you.55

Nine Alive

Naturopathic “Divinations”2 star

Information given is widely available elsewhere online and not branded solely “Wiccan” to “catch your eye”25


Wicca for beginners5 star

Honestly, I’m just starting off and I found this book to be helpful. It’s short, sweet and simple. I finished it in 4 days I believe and I already started writing so much in my BOS!! I’ll highly recommend for beginners. I feel as if I learned a lot from it!55


Great book!5 star

This book took me through the basics of Wicca. It helped me explore the craft with various options. Highly recommend, 5 stars!55

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