Beautiful Biker

Beautiful Biker Summary

Ian Maxwell has always had a passion for motorcycles. He belongs to a club, and works with his father at the motorcycle shop that they own. While he's brilliant when it comes anything bike related, he's not so good when it comes to dealing with people. And his love life, in particular, is non-existent. He's a good-looking man, with a rough exterior that most people find hard to penetrate, and it's not often that you see his softer side. That's until he meets the beautiful Eliza.

Eliza Hammond is a fun-loving party planner, with a passion for life and people. When she gets offered a job in Arizona, she takes it – not just because the job sounds great, but also to get away from her abusive ex-boyfriend. Eliza is not looking for love, especially after her last relationship. Of course, life doesn't always work that way. But is the tough Ian Maxwell right for someone as outgoing and playful as her?

Can opposites really attract?

Book Reviews


Beautiful Biker... umm yeah no. Underdeveloped... lots of grammatical issues...juvenile1 star

Not enough of an actual story... was not believable15


Terrible1 star

It hurt to read this book. Super cringey and poorly written.15


Not Impressed at all1 star

The storyline was okay but the dialog was flat and the author likes exclamation marks way too much. The climax was a dud and the main male character, Ian or “Gunner”, lack confidence and was kind of was really unattractive. I hope the author got better throughout the series but reading the first book was painful so I have no desire to read any of the others.15


Poorly written2 star

Cute story. Poorly written, awkwardly paced plot and overall a let down.25


Horribly written1 star

Don't waste your time. Couldn't make it further then 10 pages15


Good read4 star

Good read and great story. A definite fun read, the spelling errors normally don’t really bother me, but the errors in this book were annoying. You have to pay attention to the storyline or you get confused because the names are mixed up in a few places.45

Father Found

Beautiful Biker1 star

Storyline was good, but character representation was lacking. This was obviously written from the female point of view, even though the male point was supposed to be represented. The "male's" side was told, but from female perspective. They were not even close to the way an average male would react. The male reaction sounded more like a female would hope for. In a fairy tale. Disappointed.15


Pretty sure it was written by a 15 year old1 star

This plot is okay, even if a bit stereotypical, but the book needed A LOT of editing. The dialogue is stilted and uncomfortable, there’s no descriptions or explanations of why the characters act certain ways. The whole thing is very cliché. The characters are all very flat and underdeveloped. Boring girl and her bland new best friend and rough around the edges guy and his lifelong best friend who also has no personality. Nobody has any hobbies or friends aside from the token BFF and apparently the guy likes to ride motorcycles. That’s it. That’s the extent of the hobbies, quirks, and personality any of the characters have. Both protagonists get mad at everyone around them anytime they disagree and no one in the entire book seems to know how to have a mature conversation. I read the whole thing and I wish I didn’t. Save your time and read something else. It sounds like it was written by a teenager.15

doctor book

Childish1 star

The wording is so childish. I could barely finish the first chapter. God. Didn’t feel like a book. Just like something a bored teen might write. The editing could use a lot of work. Cringy.15


Surface1 star

The author made Raymond out to be a bad guy who’d come after Eliza, yet all he did was try and punch Ian. Ian is so prideful he can’t apologize for pushing Eliza away, which is so cliche for the guy to do to the girl. Ian and Eliza didn’t end up solving any of their problem, they just resorted to sleeping together. There was no conclusion to the book, where they were. They never even had the conversation about being “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”! The book was missing a lot of details and left me with many questions after I read the book.15

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