Darkness Lurks

Darkness Lurks Summary

Emily McPhee finally has the life she wants. She has a comfortable home and a great circle of friends that includes handsome Orange PD officer Seth Connors­, who she's madly in love with even though he keeps pushing her away. 
Unknowingly, she’s also caught the eye of Jimmy Lasko, a psychopath on the loose who's turned Emily into his greatest obsession.
He knows what he wants, what he deserves, and his end goal is Emily.
He’s just watching, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike...and that time is coming soon. He’ll make sure of it.
Will Seth be able to keep Emily safe, or will Lasko continue to lurk within the darkness?

Book Reviews

rock-fan mama

Darkness lurks.2 star

Stupid cliffhangers25


Cliffhanger1 star

I was so disappointed to reach the end of the book and learn I have to buy the next two books to get the final ending.15

Grannie Karon

Darkness Lurks4 star

The story has been riveting but the ending is not nice. I hate when you are left hanging.45


Stops in the middle with no resolution:(1 star

I understand that authors want readers to purchase more books in a series, but it’s a pet peeve of mine when some stop the story literally in the middle of a scene, not just continuing a series with a new character or something.15

Formerfan 2015

Darkness Lurks3 star

Set up with no ending…35


Darkness Lurks2 star

Great story but a cliff hanger ending. Very disappointing!25


Darkness lurks5 star

I thought this book was going to be spicier but it was still a good plot. If you’re looking for spice though, you’ll be disappointed. Probably three scenes in the whole book But I’m buying the next book anyway Great mystery/thriller.55


Great book5 star

Let you on the edge of your seat…55

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