Deadly Paradise

Deadly Paradise Summary

Ten years ago, Lyla Masterson left a party on Terror Island and was never seen again. Her best friend, Jamie Lawrence, fled the island and the people she loved most, vowing never to return. But when her older brother decides to have his wedding on the island a decade later, Jamie is forced to return and face the ghosts of her past. 

She is only back a few minutes when a dead body is found. Now Jamie is forced to make amends with the only man she has ever loved - Ryan Stevens. He's a cop now, and still in love with Jamie. As they work through their feelings, Jamie learns more details about her friends and family that shed new light on Lyla's disappearance.

As decade-old secrets are revealed, Jamie soon realizes that her time in paradise is about to turn deadly.

Book Reviews


Intriguing read5 star

It was mostly a good read. I don’t care for the glorified prom night sex — I skip a lot. The mystery was intriguing, though and I looked forward to taking a break a reading a couple of chapters.55


Easy read, take the time, it’s worth it!5 star

The twists and turns keep you on your toes. Characters are believable. Easy to read non stop if you’re not careful.55

Ms. English Teacher

Deadly Paradise5 star

Good, I enjoyed it throughout.55

River Quest

Deadly Paradise3 star

I liked the story, but there were too many typos, words left out and misspelled.35


Deadly Paradise5 star

Excellent mystery!!!! Loved reading this.55


Deadly Paradise5 star

Highly recommend, twist in the plot to the very end.55

lindas loves

Paradise found5 star

This is a really great murder mystery with very believable characters. You don’t know until the last chapter who the murders were. It is easy reading, great plot with some romance added it…very enjoyable55


Deadly Paradise2 star

Too many times the story didn’t follow up with the people IE at one point Natalie wanted a prom date with Caleb and later in the story she was supposedly been dating Chris since sophomore year25

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