Defending Keirnan

Defending Keirnan Summary

A former special forces operative.
A teacher with a love for literature.
Together, they fight for the fairytale...

Single father, Dane Copeland focuses only on his daughter and his career as a special operative with the Army. But when he meets the intriguing and impassioned teacher, Keirnan Vickers, Dane suddenly wants and needs more.

With a bleeding heart, Keirnan will do anything to help others. Getting the local library repaired and replenished with more books is her current goal. Meeting the mysterious and sexy single father opens her eyes to a world more adventurous than any novel she's ever read.  
But when enemies from Keirnan's past come back and threaten everything she's worked for, Dane will do anything to protect her. With time running out and Keirnan in grave peril, the special ops agent is hellbent on giving her the storybook dream. Will DEFENDING KEIRNAN be his most dangerous mission, yet?  

Don't miss this page-turning, fast-paced story from PJ Fiala and the prequel to GHOST.

Book Reviews


Delightful Romance5 star

Well plotted with engaging characters and believable situations. In real life, tho, vigilantism is not a good idea. Any author can construct a fictional world and populate it with whom ever they like to be the vigilantes, but our collective experience in the world we really live in shows that vigilantism results in no reduction in violence or increase in personal safety. The shortcuts vigilantes use mean innocent folks are targeted, frequently the powerless. That is, women, minorities and people of color.55

Enjoys clean reading

Romance with Drama4 star

Needs editing! Unnecessary foul language, and explicit sex. Otherwise good suspense/ drama with what you’re sure will have a happy ending.45


Great with one suggestion3 star

I liked the story line but surprised no one caught an issue, while small, will grate on people who understand. If you're talking in military or public safety time, it's a 24 hour clock. So 1100 hours is 11am. But the book says it was 11pm. This would mean it would be 2300 hours, not 1100. Surprised no editor along with the author caught this.35


Sweetness5 star

Loved these two characters- I am always up for reading about a sweet schoolteacher and an overprotective but sweet alpha. The storyline was fantastic!55

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