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"Mafia Romance at its best, I couldnt put this book down." Goodreads Reviewer

She was a ghost, in heels.

She was there, then she wasn't. 

She would play with my emotions like a well-played guitar. 

Then she would disappear. Making me want to strangle her. 

Maybe she wasn't a ghost, maybe she was the giver of sin. Because we sinned every time we touched, every time she was near. 

Her lips were shaped like a heart, deceiving you at every word. 

Her body was created straight from my fantasies, one I craved to bend to my will. 

Her heart, well, who the hell knew. She kept that shit locked tight. 

And I couldn't find the key

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i luv reading

Distrust5 star

Scary, totally a different world. Fascinating. Betrayal is the norm. Unsettling.55


Dark, hot and I didn't want to put it down!5 star

I have devoured every one of TL's books and Distrust was no exception!? FABULOUS, dark and sexy, Elina played with Kazier for years and when he has finally had enough, he takes what he wants from her. After years of her disappearing act, finding that she has deceived him this entire time he is determined to find answers and bring justice to those who deserve it. She has a power over him like no other and he isn't willing to let it go. This book was dark, hot and I didn't want to put it down. I love TL's writing and and can't wait to read Death & Pollie's story in the next book!!55

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