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"Holy moly. How can I put into words how much I loved this book? I love Ty. Like. I LOVE Ty. He stole my heart from the second he walks onto the pages and he never lost it."~Heather B
He was there when I needed him.
He showed up like some kind of hero and saved me.
I wanted him to stay, I wanted to get to know him... I wanted him.
But he always left without a word.
The last time I saw him, he was in the backseat of a police car for a murder that I committed.
She looks at me like I'm special.
She thinks I have something to offer her, but she's wrong.
I don't have anything more than street cred and my fists.
But for her, I'll take the fall.
Even though I'll never deserve her, I'll sacrifice it all to make sure she can breathe easy, even if I suffocate in the process.
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"Kept me on the edge of my seat. Exciting, fun and romantic."~ Janet H

 "I am in awe. I could not put this book down. Read it completely through. The story had me captivated from the first chapter. Wow!What a fantastic story. I just love the characters and an ending I did not predict. I Highly recommend this story." ~TabbyJo
 "This was storytelling and character development of the very highest order." ~Books Laid Bare

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Unexpected5 star

Completely had me wowed not the direction I was expecting. Great story with romance and intrigue built in.55


fhh3 star



Easy Sacrifice5 star

This book started out kind of strange but got better and better as I went along, dangerous, sexy, and romantic with betrayal along the way. True love wins!55


A must read!!5 star

What a phenomenal read!! It starts off a bit mysterious, with Ty being the new bad boy in high school, who always seems to be there when Jessa needs him. I love that while Jessa sometimes seems to hate him, their chemistry is too strong for her to resist him much. There were many twists and turns in this book, and the final showdown?? I didn't see that coming at all!! I loved this newest read from Anna Brooks, and need more!! This is definitely a must read!!!!55


Love this author5 star

Ty oh my Ty. I didn't think that this author could make me fall for another one of her heroes as much as her other books. Boy was I wrong! Ty and Jessa first met as teens and keep coming into contact every few years. Ty always seems to be where she needs him. But they cannot ever be together. Ty is involved in things that he can't share with Jessa. This book is darker than the author's usual which made me slightly hesitant when I started, but I am really glad I did read it. This author's writing is just amazing to me.55

Victoria Salcedo

Easy Sacrifice5 star

I absolutely enjoyed this book. This story has suspense with twists and turns and hot romance. I was hooked from the beginning. Ty is alpha male that protects Jessa from the time he meets her. The attraction is strong from the beginning. As the years pass the attraction and chemistry is stronger between Ty and Jessa no amount of time lessens it. Will they fight their feelings for each other or finally given in? This is a must read. Received copy for honest review.55


I'd sacrifice it all for Ty4 star

Once again Brooks brings another fabulous book to the table. I seriously can not get over how wonderfully written her books always are. I've read ever book she's written and she's never disappointed, and she continues that trend with this book. Ty is the bad boy from the wrong side of town, and Jessa is the sometimes naive girl who is automatically drawn to him. I highly recxomend this book and every other book Brooks has written.45

KR Nadelson

A steamy romantic thriller with epic feels!4 star

“I’d give you the world if I could. I’d kill for you; I’d die for you. But the one thing I won’t do for you is stay.” Anna Brooks dazzles once again with an enthralling romantic suspense tale about two worlds colliding and the noble sacrifices one man makes in the name of love! From the moment 16-year-old Jessa locked eyes with enigmatic loner Ty in history class, she was instantly smitten. There was just something about him, a powerfully magnetic lure that could not be denied. "He has to feel that. The connection. The spark. It’s undeniable, and it’s something that I don’t think will ever be comparable with anyone else.” Yet every time she tried to get close to the infuriatingly aloof boy from the wrong side of the tracks, he would chivalrously push her away. Their destinies intersected once again on the night of the homecoming dance when her dark savior rescued her from a horrific assault that could have destroyed her life forever. But before she had a chance to properly thank him he vanished without a trace. Over the next decade he would mysteriously pop in and out of her life, swooping to the rescue when she needed him the most, but never stick around for long. But even in the fleeting stolen moments they shared, their attraction was all-consuming and EXPLOSIVE! Although Ty knew he'd never be good enough for the pure-hearted beauty, he vowed to protect her to his last breath. And that vow came to a shattering fruition one fateful night when a precarious situation turned deadly and he took the fall for Jessa. He tragically spent six long, torturous years locked up in jail for a crime he did not commit, but never regretted it for a single moment. “I’d do a lifetime in here if it meant keeping her safe.” When he finally was sprung from prison and they were thrust into each other’s orbits yet again, their passion burned brighter than ever. But being together was still an impossible dream. Ty was cavorting with some dangerous criminals, harboring some lethal secrets and knew a good girl like Jessa could never survive in his dark, dirty world. So why couldn’t he stay away? Why did the idea of another man standing beside her, holding her, kissing her sweet, luscious lips incite a burning fury through him? And Jessa was equally conflicted. She was getting fed up of pining for a man who disappeared out of her life in the blink of an eye, leaving her to pick up the shattered pieces of her heart, but she too was powerless to resist their blazing attraction. And with the escalating threats that darkened their doorsteps, Ty’s strong, sheltering arms were the only place she truly felt safe. “All I’ve ever wanted is to be with him. To have him possess me in ways I’ve only dreamed.” Ahh...the angst! The passion and peril! The torturous, star-crossed love! Anna Brooks has an innate gift for hooking the reader into the hearts and psyches of her characters from page one, and I was captivated by this story throughout. This book was chock full of ELECTIFYING sparks, intense feels, drama, treachery, numerous twist and turns, and edge your seat excitement. The overarching plot was seamless and reached a shattering climax that left me breathless!! There is nothing more intoxicating for me than a brooding Alpha protector who sacrifices everything for the woman he loves, and Ty fit the bill perfectly. Holy moly did I ADORE this hero!! He was such a delicious “manly man”…strong, macho, ruggedly sexy, fiercely possessive, noble to the core, and so sweet and doting with Jessa he melted my heart. There was absolutely nothing he wouldn’t do for the woman he loved!! In an ironic twist, as much as she thought he saved her, in reality she saved him too, over and over again. Sighhhh! How utterly romantic is THAT?!! Yet life was far from a bed of roses for Jess and Ty and I was constantly gripped with fear of what horrible thing would befall them next, courtesy of baddie gangster Marco who had Ty in his pocket. All in all, I truly relished this suspenseful, emotion-packed romance!! However, it took me a little while to connect with this couple because of all the stops and starts along the way. I just didn’t quite feel the whole instant “two souls coming together” love from the onset. It seemed a bit forced in the beginning and I did not feel it on a visceral level until a third of the way in. But as the romance progressed, and I realized where the gifted Ms. Brooks was headed with this innovative story, I did eventually fall under the irresistible spell of this star-crossed duo and was on pins and needles hoping they'd get their hard earned HEA. So if you are looking for a hyper-sexy, gritty romantic suspense tale with a to-die-for Alpha hero, sassy heroine, heartachy feels, and drama galore then I cannot recommend this book highly enough!45


Sacrifice!5 star

Anna Brooks continues to amaze me with her books! Ty and Jessa first meet as teenagers. Jessa is a typical teenager and Ty is the boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Ty always seems to show up when Jessa needs him the most. Their lives are intertwined from the beginning the book. After spending 6 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit, Ty comes home and goes to Jessa. Ty and Jessa have such amazing chemistry together! I could not stop reading this book once I started it. I had to know what was coming next! This is a suspenseful, emotional and intense read that you should not miss!55


Love Wins!5 star

Jessa and Ty's story begins with them as teens when they first meet in high school. Jessa a typical teenage girl, Ty a street kid from the wrong side of the tracks. Ty comes in and out of Jessa's life at the most important moments and literally saving her life more than once. It's not till they are in their 20s that they can finally get together and yet that too is fraught with danger. Their love is immediate and intense. Ty goes to jail for six years for a murder that Jessa committed (although she acted in self-defense). When he is let out he seeks out Jessa immediately and they pick up with some hot and heavy romance. All Ty wants is the chance for a normal life but with Marco on his tail for the murder of his second in command, will they ever get the peace to just be together? Easy Sacrifice is an intense, fast paced romance by Anna Brooks. I hope you love it as much as I did because Love Wins...Always!55

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