Envy Summary

Envy slays itself by its own arrow…

As soon as I see her, I know I must have her.


She's one of the dancers at my new club. The club I bought to fix my family's shady reputation.

She stands out. She's beautiful, she can dance and everyone watches her when she enters the room. She's also got an attitude, a dark past—and a desperate family looking to her for support.

She doesn't want anything to do with me, until she doesn't have a choice...

Club Confession Series:

Book Reviews


Envy review4 star

Okay, first thing, I’m in love with the whole plot. It so interesting and it keeps you on your knees begging for more “most of the time”. It can drag on at times, it’s alright though. I personally don’t like huge time skips thing one has a 10 year time skip. Its not really confusing, just random. I also hate cliffhangers and this one leaves me begging for more.45


Mediocre3 star

It got repetitive regarding how much the daughter loved her father. Tell it once and let it rest.35

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