Fixing Fate

Fixing Fate Summary

I don't remember what it's like not to be scared.

And then I meet him.

My brother's friend and ex-partner is everything I'll never be. Sexy, confident, and perfect. He calls me sunshine and tells me I'm beautiful. He asks me to stay.

When my past come back with a vengeance, he proves just how much he'd risk to shield me from the demons that were never supposed to resurface.

Readers love Smith and Mellie's story that delivers all the feels!

"This story gets a big ol' WOW! 10++ stars & all kinds of nail-biting!" ~ Carrie M

"Having recently become addicted to Anna Brooks' writing I was anxiously waiting for this one and it was everything I expected it to be...and more."~Mary A

"In Fixing Fate, Anna introduces us to Mellie and Smith and weaves their love story so beautifully. It's sexy, touching, heartbreaking and sweet, all in one. Safe to say, I'll buy whatever Anna's selling because her books are just that good!" ~ Brenna R

"I honesty went into this book skeptical that it would live up the other reviewers expectations, BUT oh boy was I wrong. This book contains every emotion in the book and will drag you right down with the characters,though it is so worth it when your heart swells from how sweet, caring, and protective Smith is afterwards. Definitely pick this one up and dive in with Smith and Mellie because it was be so worth it."~Amazon reviewer

Book Reviews


Love the suspense4 star

This was my first book by this author and I really enjoyed it! There was a little bit of humor and steam but also the emotions in the story were very real. The heroine had gone through a very traumatic event in her life and while she was able to cope as an adult her past comes back to haunt her. At that point the author gives us an explosion of suspense and from there I couldn't put the book down. I needed to know what was going to happen and how it was going to happen. Overall, I really enjoyed this story and I am looking forward to reading more. 45


Love and protect5 star

Mellie is a 22 year old woman who suffers some terrible trauma that affects her way of living. That is until she stumbles into sexy, rugged 33 year old Smith who changes all that. While working on rebuilding a home, Mellie and Smith encounter stalking, threats and kidnapping that only brings the two of them closer together. If you like strong, protective men who’ll do anything for their woman, then Fixing Fate is for you.55

Crazy not lazy

Fixing Fate5 star

An all round great book. It had everything, romance, mystery, suspense, and heart-warming. I enjoyed reading it. I highly recommend55

Lala lehr

What...2 star

I don’t know where to begin. I liked the plot and characters... but a lot of this was cheesy and not believable. A little too mediocre... this can be a triggering book for some.. a good read to help other writers learn. I guess it just wasn’t my style.25

jj goatgirl

Fun read4 star

It’s a little contrived to end up with 2 crazy stalkers, but the story is well written and the characters are enjoyable. I’ll look for the rest of this series!45

Victoria Salcedo

Great read5 star

WOW! What a fantastic book. This story has it all. It's heartwarming, hot and steamy. It will have you feeling all sorts of emotions. Mellie and Smith are to broken souls that has gone through their own terrible pasts. As they struggle with their past can they help each other heal? I loved the chemistry between Mellie and Smith. I love the characters and Mellie and Smith's journey to HEA. This is a great read!! I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book.55


Fantastic start to this new series!!!5 star

I loved this new book by Anna Brooks!! It had the perfect amount of suspense, with twists and turns thrown in here and there. Both Smith and Mellie have tragic pasts, but they seem to heal each other, and it makes their relationship that much stronger. It was awesome getting glimpses of previous characters, and hoping we get a few stories in characters we were introduced to in this book. A story of love and healing, this is definitely a must read!!!55

Samantha S!

Smith is Swoon worthy5 star

Smith is so swoon worthy and i want to bite his nipples! He is a former cop and now running his families business. Mellie is a innocent girl that needs protecting. Shes not naive but she has a past. Her brother Jay has tried to protect her but as Mellie gets older she needs to experience life. Will Smith want to help protect Mellie? Will Mellie trust Smith? Can he protect her?! Read this great suspence romance to learn more about this story!55


Fantastic Read!5 star

Smith and Mellie were amazing!!! Mellie is left a house from a grandfather she never knew. Smith is a former cop who took over his family construction business and has come to help Mellie renovate the house. Little does Smith know what he is stepping in to. Mellie has serious issues and people who are out to get her. Smith goes in to protective man mode and moves Mellie in to his house. It's not long before they fall for each other. But can Mellie trust what she has with Smith or has the past she's been hiding from come back to haunt her? Anna Brooks writes amazing stories that grab hold of your heart and just don't let go. Fixing Fate is no exception. Fantastic read!!!55

Crystal Singer

Fantastic read!!!!5 star

Once again, Anna Brooks has written a super sexy, suspensful, swoony, wonderful story with Fixing Fate. I honestly couldn't get enough of Smith Porter. He made my heart flutter and weake kneed. He's an alpha man through and through. Mellie is one incredibly strong and brave girl. Her past could have given her reason to stay hidden from the world forever, but her determination to move on was stronger. I couldn't help but root for these two as they found their way to each other. No matter what was thrown at them, their love pushed through. Isn't that what a great romance is made of ? Fixing Fate seriously has it all. Action, love, suspense, sexiness, happiness, friendship, family and the list goes on. This was a fantastic read and it even left me wanting more from the secondary characters! I truly hope this continues into a series!! Happy reading! :)55

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