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The saga continues with the third installment from bestselling author Stephanie St. Klaire’s thrilling 5-star series, McKenzie Ridge. Forgotten doesn’t disappoint as this standalone series intensifies with even more twist and turns you won’t see coming. All FIVE books are available now and ready to binge read!

Sometimes learning the truth can be deadly…

Police Officer Morgan Jameson’s life is turned upside down when an unconscious man is her ranch.

When the handsome stranger wakes up without an identity to recall, Morgan takes him in. The suspense broadens when endless chaos and mischief lands in McKenzie Ridge.

Working on Morgan’s ranch to earn his keep, the mystery man can’t help but feel at home. When Morgan catches his eye, and holds his heart, he’s content with not knowing who he really is. That is until it is all threatened.

Shots are fired, and danger ensues. But is it a result of the new guy in town or at the hands of one of their own? One thing is certain - it isn’t just love on the line, it’s lives too.

Does love triumph or end in tragedy in McKenzie Ridge?

Book Reviews


Forgotten5 star

Loved it! Intrigue, sexy, romantic, and filled with danger. You won’t want to put it down. Editing could be a bit better but doesn’t take away from the story itself. Do suggest that the author put it through the editing paces a bit next time.55


Forgotten5 star

Great book. Mystery and romance my favorites. Can’t wait to read more of your books. Thanks!55


So so3 star

Recommend reading the series in order. I didn’t and was presented with too many characters without explanation in the first chapter. I almost quit but didn’t and things began making sense later.35


Best if it was Forgotten1 star

Very poorly written. Dragged on & on in a mind numbing fashion but then rushed through the climax of the story without really explaining things. And seriously, how many times can two people boringly escape death in one book? Very poor writing flow too which led to a very bumpy, boring read. Instead of alternating the character POV between chapters, it was all mashed together, sometimes in a single paragraph, so it was often times unclear who was narrating. Spoilers: One of Maggie’s friends knew the identity of the mystery guy the whole time but said nothing?! The author didn’t bother trying to trick the reader into suspecting different characters of being the bad guy either. It’s exactly who you think it is and who Guy and the male cop (and honestly, the reader) suspect practically from page 1.15


Forgotten1 star

I didn’t make it through the first chapter. It was poorly written and difficult to keep straight.15

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