Her Sanctuary

Her Sanctuary Summary

The web of lies she’s forced to weave could destroy them both…

FBI Special Agent Elizabeth Ward did her job, and did it well. Her undercover work brought down a mobster’s empire. Her reward? A bullseye on her back, betrayal burning like battery acid in her veins, and a life on the run.

A remote Montana ranch was supposed to be a safe haven to begin reclaiming her life. Which doesn’t include a man as solid as a mountain, with sapphire eyes and a slow, sexy drawl that curls inside her in a way she hasn’t felt in far too long.

Nat Sullivan smells trouble coming in the Triple H’s cold mountain air. And this time it’s not the repo men sneaking in to take his prized horses. It’s a beautiful woman with wide eyes, dark hair, and skin pale as snow.

Together, the damaged agent and struggling rancher find common ground…and a healing passion neither expected. But when a killer with a lust for revenge tracks Elizabeth down, the secrets she must unleash to survive could destroy everything they both love…


Book Reviews


Awesome5 star

What a riveting book. Hard to put down. Storyline was fantastic and the characters were solid. Wonderful mystery that keeps you turning pages. Eliza is a tough nut and I so admire her strength!55


Her Sanctuary5 star

Another beautifully written thriller romance from Toni Anderson. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us readers.55


Her sanctuary3 star

Action packed story with lots of suspense. You want to see how the myriad problems are resolved35


I want my money back2 star

I LOVE Toni anderson but this book was so bad. The story was jumping all over the place and I skipped over a lot because it dragged. The story was good but the way it was written did not do it justice. I knew I shouldn’t have bought it but I gave it the benefit of the doubt and now I’m out $525


Fast-paced and hard to put down.5 star

With believable characters that you quickly come to care about, an exciting plot and some enjoyable romance, this is a good read. I particularly like her prose style and how hard it is to put her books down until the final conclusion. This authors books are consistently good and cleverly introduce characters from other books she has written which is a great way to smoothly segue into your next read.55



New author and she does a good job,with the plot and characters. How far Elizabeth goes to stay in hiding, only to be found. Would Nat and the ranch hands help keep her safe.She was an ex-FBI agent undercover, and saw too much and met the wrong ones. Good enjoyable mystery.45


Her Sanctuary5 star

Great story, would like to know if there will be a sequel to Elisa and Nat's story?55


Her Sanctuary5 star

Really enjoyed the book! Can't wait to start reading the next one!55


Ugh2 star

Blah blah blah. In the beginning it's jumpy to me. Stereotypical, lacks passion and no surprises. Not enough detail. Just blah.25


Great read5 star

This author takes you thru the story with grit and intensity55

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