High Roller

High Roller Summary

High risks equal high rewards – why not roll the dice to find out?

I'm a high roller, I won't deny it. I can buy anything I want. What I need is to settle down.

But how the hell am I meant to find the right person to do it with? Dating in my position—thirty-something millionaire, with a chain of hotels in Vegas and even bigger ambitions to come—is difficult enough, let alone finding someone who I want to spend my life with.

So, when I meet Farren, a matchmaker who's hard-up for cash and new in town, it all clicks into place. She'll find me the perfect woman, she'll get the paycheck, and we both get our happy ever after.

Except, what if the perfect woman is closer than I thought? What if Farren isn't everything she seems...?

A Dark Casino Romance Series
Book 1 – High RollerBook 2 – Place Your BetBook 3 – All or Nothing

Book Reviews


Where is the ending?2 star

The book itself was great. But the ending sucked. I was so disappointed that I won’t be buying the other 2 in this series25


Sloooooooooooooow1 star

This is terrible. Once it finally takes off, it ends 3 pages later.15

LD in MT

Rambling and repetitive…..2 star

I’ve read many of Lexy Timms’ books, and have found that some of them are a little “wordy”. This one takes the cake. I find myself skipping over entire paragraphs because what is being said was also said 5 pages before that, and 2 pages before that time. I’m not even half way through, and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to finish it.25

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