His Vessel

His Vessel Summary

His Vessel is book 1 of the War Cry MC trilogy. Books 2 and 3, His Toy and His Plaything are available everywhere now!


The police chief took something that belongs to me.
So I'm going to take what's most precious to him: his virgin daughter.
I'm gonna tease her. I'm gonna taste her.
And then I'm gonna f**k her until she's heavy with my child.

I'm not a man you should cross.
Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth?
That's amateur sh*t.

When someone wrongs me, I don't just get even.
I burn everything they love to the ground.

The pig stole a document that he never should have touched.
So I do the only thing that's fair:
Make his daughter my own.

It's not enough just to steal her, or just to seduce her.
I have to break her completely.

With every word, every touch, every command,
I turn the innocent virgin into a c**k-hungry play toy.
She's mine now, from top to bottom, inside and out.

And it won't be long before she's on all fours, begging me to put my baby inside of her.

Book Reviews


Misleading1 star

Can I get my money back? Disappointed!!15


Misleading description1 star

Both the title and description is misleading. Eventually there is a pregnancy, but the antagonist was not motivated by revenge and was not as crass as the description implies. This is a story of redemption and forgiveness. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE SEQUELS! I felt cheated out of a good read, kept waiting for the description to be accurate.15


Misleading2 star

Both the title and premise (summary) of this series are INCREDIBLY misleading. The book has NOTHING TO DO with forcing a baby into the sheriff’s daughter as payback and is, in fact, gentler and sweeter than it’s made out to be. It also has nothing to do with being a vessel, toy, OR plaything, so if that’s what captured your attention to this book, I HIGHLY suggest not getting it. The only reason I don’t give this one star, is that it wasn’t actually completely horrible and did, in fact, have a plot.25


Boring.2 star

The description misleads you, or maybe it applies to the series as a whole.25

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