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Returning home to Grand Junction would not have been Rosie Perkins’ first choice, but with her mother no longer able to take care of herself, it’s the only one she has. As is working the night shift at a local hotel to bring in a much-needed income. 

Rosie juggles to keep all the pieces of her life together and has no room to add anything more. One morning after a long shift, when she witnesses a hotel guest crash into a dumpster, her careful control starts to unravel.

Security specialist, Jake Hutchinson, has his hands full protecting the arrogant lead actor of a movie being filmed in town. Since the production company and crew arrived at the hotel, the entitled star has been nothing but trouble. 
The only thing that can improve his mood is the occasional nightly glimpse of the redheaded housekeeper.

Until he finds himself trapped between desire and duty.

Book Reviews


Great read4 star

Very pleased with this book I’ve never read Freya’s work before and I enjoyed it completely. Wonderful realistic characters, the growth of the relationship and the storyline with the the murder and the whole thing. It just worked very, very well together.45


Good read4 star

Enjoyed this book and the surprise “whodunnit” at the end. Never saw that one coming. Loved the relationships in the book and Grant was a hoot and a half!!!! Jake and Rosie were a great middle age couple who found their HEA quite unexpectedly, and made my heart full. Wonderful book.45


Hit and Run4 star

Moves along nicely. Strong character development. LOL—just had to share a few passages with my hubby— balanced the suspense.45


A Great Series Starter5 star

I just had the opportunity to listen to the audiobook of Hit and Run and if I loved the story before, the dual narration from Tanya Eby and Patrick Zeller only added to the experience. Ms. Eby has a fine command of the characters' emotions and does a great job differentiating between them. Mr. Zeller has a deeply sexy voice and his narration is spot on for Jake and the others in his chapters. Kudos to both for bringing Ms. Barker's words to life. Freya Barker is a master at crafting intricate suspense plots with hard-working, mature characters as her heroes and heroines. Hit and Run is the first in a new series for the author and it promises to be as entertaining and intriguing as her past series have been. Jake and Rosie's story hits all the feels and keeps the reader guessing until the end who the bad guy is. Rosie's life hasn't been easy and her relationship with her mother has always been tense. Leaving Grand Junction to pursue her dream didn't exactly work out as she planned. Now over forty, she's back taking care of the mother and working nights to make her life work. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time sets her up as a target and a security risk. The movie cast and crew staying at the hotel seems to add not only to her workload but also risks her survival. Jake backstory is as painful as Rosie's: alone at a young age, ex-military, guilt-ridden because of his best friend's injury while deployed, he's never been one to put himself out there. Working movie set security with his best friend and adopted family puts him at war with himself, and the powers that be. Does he finish the job he's hired for or find the truth and protect the little redhead who has caught his eye? The war within himself is as difficult for him as it was in the desert. Jake and Rosie have a ton of chemistry and the suspense plot in this book is so well played and littered with red herrings, it was a surprise when the culprit is revealed. Ms. Barker is beyond compare when it comes to writing romantic suspense and each book proved that. I can hardly wait until her next book is released.55


4stars4 star

This was an enjoyable read. I felt so much for Rosie and what she was going through with her mom.45


Hollywood comes to Grand Junction4 star

Hollywood comes to Grand Junction Rosie and Hutch have instant attraction that takes a bit for them to act on. Lots of mystery and intrigue. This had me guessing up until the end. Secondary characters are great and hoping to see their stories as well.45

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