It's Not Over

It's Not Over Summary

Some catastrophes are impossible to see coming.

Others are inevitable.

When I met her, I knew I couldn’t keep her.

That didn’t stop me.

For eight years I’ve done every thing in my power to shield her from the past that won’t let me go.

But the life I fooled myself into believing could last shattered.

There’s always a debt to pay.

Giving her up is mine.

And the past has just come to collect.

Book Reviews


Loved it!5 star

This is the first book I ever read and it has made me want to keep reading more books from this author.55


It’s Not Over5 star

A real page turner! Real characters to love. I couldn’t put it down.55


It’s not over1 star

I’m not a fan of the way the book was written a story going back and forth. It’s to annoying. I got so bored by it it’s my opinion just cannot recommend it.15


Loved it!5 star

Completely loved it!!! This is the second book that I’ve read in this series, and they are amazing thus far. The plot is realistic and complicated, yet love prevails at the end.55


It’s not over5 star

It started out slow, but I couldn’t put it down after about the third chapter, recommend good read.55

Rosland Skiff

Heartbreaker5 star

This was such a fun, interesting, unpredictable, romantic read. I highly recommend it.55


Whitty5 star

Great book! I loved the story and the whit of the characters.55


Love!5 star

Fantastic book with amazing characters. This book was completely unique! I highly recommend ❤️55


It’s Not Over5 star



Intrigue, love, and more5 star

This storyline is excellent and the characters are great! It has all the components and you will love reading it and cheer for the characters as you go through.55

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