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From bestselling author Stephanie St. Klaire comes the shocking beginning of a 5-star series, McKenzie Ridge. Dawson and Sam kick off this standalone romantic suspense series that you won’t want to put down...until you’re ready to binge read the rest. All FIVE books are available now!

It isn’t just love on the line, it’s lives too…

Dawson and Sam agree on one thing...relationships are more work than they’re worth. But in their darkest hour they couldn’t deny their attraction to each other and now that he's in her life, he'll do whatever he can to stay there.

Dawson can’t shake the feeling that they are being watched and soon learns their small town has a fatal secret when it becomes clear Sam’s car crash was no accident — someone is trying to kill her…
He’s in a race against time to protect her from a stalker determined to finish their task. They won’t need to look far to find what they’re searching for as they walk right into the cross fires of a crime that’s anything but random and brings their community to its knees.

Secrets and lies are revealed when tragedy strikes putting everything on the line, including lives, as a deranged criminal hides in plain sight.

Love, fear, and impossible choices have him charging to her rescue, but will it be in time…

Book Reviews


Rescued5 star

Loved this book! Great characters with a wonderful and intriguing plot.55


Crazy!!5 star

Good story, loved the characters..all dozen of them and the adorable tutu-wearing tomboy, Ellie. great love story full of heartache and friendships, with a twist of who done it! It has a HEA, sexy and funny characters throughout and an it’s an open your heart to feel story. Enjoyed!!55


Perfect5 star

Sam and Dawson’s story is wonderful. Great characters and Sam’s Granny and Ellie are both a hoot. I loved this book. Kept me guessing till close to the end. Can’t wait to read Colton’s story next.55

Goat berries

Is there an editor in the house?4 star

This book has a pretty good story line and appealing characters, but could really benefit from some stringent editing. There are typos to correct, but the biggest issue is poor word choice, awkward phrasing, and improper use of homophones.45


Did not want to put it down4 star

Good book!45


Rescued4 star

Sweet love story with interesting plot twists. Patience seems to be the critical factor45

.ii triikz

Rescued4 star

Enjoyed the story and characters. Would have been a 5 star but her recovery was completely unrealistic. The detail to describe her injuries and 2 months in coma was admirable but no one in that shape wakes up, in that manner, and goes home in “a few days”, especially on crutches. Recommend adding medical professionals such as MD’s & PT’s to your beta readers if you want all aspects of your story to be authentic and believable.45


Mystery in a romance5 star

Two emotionally scarred people try to enter into a relationship. But their pasts make it hard to trust. In addition, mysterious events keep happening. Are they simply at random or is there a connection? Tied up in a great ending.55

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