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Sophie Diem's boss has skipped town, abandoning their counseling firm and taking her investment money with him. As she seeks to rebuild her professional career she is distressed by the appearance of a stranger. The man keeps to the shadows, but he is definitely stalking her. In an attempt to flee him she accepts a job London. Surely crossing the Atlantic would be enough to deter her Shadow.

Glenn Barber is a desperate man. He sorely wants answers. The man that can supply them has gone missing, though. Now all Glenn can do is go after the next best thing, the man's former employee, Sophie Diem.

Sophie is shocked to spot her shadow in London. What she learns is that Glenn, the Shadow, is not a stalker, but rather her only protection. As her attraction to Glenn grows, together they conspire to locate her former boss and stop him before he can harm others.


"The sexual tension with Sophie and The Shadow was off the charts. Overall, the book had it all: romance, suspense and humor."

"I loved this book. The characters were strong and the suspense was just right."

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Wonderful5 star

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. And I absolutely loved the ending.55


Shadow5 star

Great book! The story was well written. I really enjoyed reading this story. I definitely would recommend this book to others to read.55


Shadow5 star

This was a really great read! Turned out very different from what I was expecting when I first started reading it. It definitely held my attention and I didn’t want to put it down! Must read if you like suspense.55


Excellent5 star

Excellent combination of mystery and romance. An enjoyable read.55


Wonderful suspense novel5 star

Author, Maureen Miller, has given us her readers a book that holds your interest until the last word. This is a book that you cannot figure out in the first half of the book. Sophie's love story takes second place to all the suspense and drama. Worth the read.55


Shadow5 star

Great characters, romance and mystery...I hope to be reading more soon55


Enjoyable Read!5 star

I really enjoyed this fabulous book! It's the first by this author for me. I look forward to reading her other stories. The storyline kept me intrigued, captivated and entertained. I really enjoyed the characters and the entire storyline. Nice to read an online book that was edited. Only one slight misstep in the epilogue where Amanda says, "I believe that I was on the phone with him from the moment Mr. Barber left your apartment". Mr Barber did not go back to the apartment, but called there. It didn't ruin the story for me though. The bonus on top of reading a fabulous book, was that it was free!!! Thank you for sharing this gem!55


Thrilling4 star

Couldn't put this book down. Was on the edge the whole book! Great story!45

Amy - So Many Reads

Intriguing!5 star

Some books just stay with you even when they are closed. Shadow by Maureen A. Miller is this type of book. It has all of the characteristics I expect of a book from author – great story line, well developed characters, and a great balance of romance and suspense. Shadow had me engaged from the first page and looking over my shoulder until the very end. And yes, I mean literally. I was out one night when it was dark and wondered if the Shadow was out there somewhere. I love it when books come alive and affect me even when I am not reading them! In Shadow we meet Sophie who is trying like crazy to move on with her life after her boss up and left the counseling firm she worked. While dealing with unemployment she also has a stalker who she has nicknamed The Shadow that follows here around all the time. Even when she moves to London! She is fiesty and strong and everything you want in a heroine. The hero of the story, Glenn, is not at all what I expected after my first impression of him. He is so broken and still so very kind and thoughtful. His story brought tears to my eyes and my heart ached for him. All I could think about was how good it is that he has Sophie in his life. Sophie and Glenn are an unlikely pair, which I loved. The chemistry was pretty hot between them and when they weren’t solving crimes I loved getting lost in their intimacy. Despite the circumstances under which they met, their romance was very sweet and makes you realize that you never know where you will find your true love. I love supporting characters in stories because many times they steal the scene. Sam was that character in Shadow that did it for me. He is witty, protective and sweet. He was that friend to Sophie in London that she needed when she had no one else. Loved him! Miller lets the reader figure out the clues as to what happened to Sophie’s boss along with the characters and it’s fun to be in a mystery like that. Shadow is unique, intriguing, and moves at a quick pace. If you are looking for a romantic suspense that will pull you in from the beginning, give you the chills, get your pulse racing and your heart bursting with joy, I suggest you give Shadow a try.55

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