The Billionaire’s Desires 1

The Billionaire’s Desires 1 Summary

***Mature content. Recommended for 17+ due to mature language and adult situations***

He's handsome, he's powerful, he's a billionaire!

Mr Diamonds, an even more fascinating man than his name suggests, seduces young, pretty Amandine and introduces her to a decadent and mysterious world full of luxury, pleasure and above all, sensual and insatiable encounters...

A warning, the doors of desire are open, it's up to us to follow where they'll lead...

Aglow is the first volume of The Billionaire’s Desires, the new saga by Emma M. Green, top 10 Applestore author!

Book Reviews


The billionaires desires 15 star

I loved the book. I thank it's a good book.55


Misleading1 star

The book reads as if written for "newbies" or someone talking from memory. it bothers me that she keep referring to herself as unattractive and insecure and acts as if the man is too old for her. Her thinking is childish for someone in their 20+ and the sex is written in codes for a romance novel(disappointed).15


รูป1 star

ไม่มีของจริงเลย ธรรมดา15

Uma umaaaa

Awful1 star

What a waste15


Waste of time!1 star

The interaction between the characters is ridiculous!15


Just not quite2 star

To be fair keep in kind I have not finished reading. The story seems a bit rushed and the parts that linger are not necessary. For such a short book she spends a lot of time on scenery. The parts that should slow and thought out are not, like the interaction between the two main characters. It just feels like it goes from 0 to 60 in 2sec with the couple and all the content in between is a boring stand still... But like I said, I'm not finished but I won't ever be if its just going to be more of the same.25


Confused2 star

Hard to follow. Story line is interesting but never quite developers.25


The Billionaire's Desires - bk 11 star

Awful! The book led you nowhere. Was a waste of my time. It left huge gaps in the story and had no rhyme or reason to it. Hard to believe this Author is a top 10 author. Not possible.15


Don't bother1 star

Don't bother. A total wast of time and energy reading it. Their is no story and the characters don't have a back story that you can sink your teeth into.15

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