Torrent Summary

She sent an innocent man to prison. Now, eight years later, he's returning the favor...

I've been obsessed with Rafe Mason since I was thirteen. The twisted part of this story is that I still want him even now that he's holding me captive on an island.

Rafe has his reasons for doing what he's doing, and if I'm honest, I can't blame him. I'm the girl who sent him to prison for a heinous crime he didn't commit.

But now he's free and the tables have he's the one driven by obsession.

NOTE TO READERS: Torrent is a dark romance with kidnapping and other disturbing themes. Intended for mature readers. Not for the faint of heart. You've been warned. Part 1 in the Condemned series.

Book Reviews


The Ending *Gasp*5 star

I can honestly say the book was a steamy and an intense read. I did have trouble getting past one chapter, but once I did it was smooth sailing. The ending made me do the reader scream (a squeal would not satisfy the emotions I was feeling). Yes the book does continue into a series, explaining the cliffhanger, which was honestly a well written one! Will definitely check out the next book.55


Good book3 star

It was a great book but, I really don’t like the ending because that part didn’t really resonate with me but overall a very good book.35


Darkness has claimed him.5 star

A very dark, fast paced hate game and a very hard life for Alexis. The guy she sent to prison for 8 years when he was innocent. Now Rafe was out and coming for her. The ending leaves you hanging!55


Excellent5 star

I hope the rest of the series is this good.55

Real personal

Hmmm...3 star

The story was...sadistic, but realistic in its own way. Uh too hardcore for me but for those into s&m and degradation, man is this book for you! It’s a bit hard for myself to stomach because I like to delude myself that this kind of stuff doesn’t happen in society, which it does, thus forcing me to examine my mental state a bit too much. All in all I would recommend that those with fluffier views on romance or intimacy not read this. It’s not a bad book! My tastes just don’t run that way. Very good descriptions and it didn’t leave too many plot holes, plus it was free!35


3.5 stars4 star

The book is fine. Let’s face it ~ we knew going in it wasn’t a literary masterpiece ~ so. The writing is a bit underdeveloped with multiple traumas which could be better tied in. You do root for the characters tho. The cliffhanger is annoying. I read the others chiefly out of boredom. There’s a lot going on. Too much. Needs revision. I’m giving it 4 stars when it’s really 3.5 @ best b/c people are negging it for being dark erotica. That’s the genre and it’s disclosed.45


Dark4 star

Wow, this book is DARK. I’m surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Some parts felt rushed and underdeveloped, but overall it was a good cliffhanger-read. After seeing all the books that follow and how much I would be spending to finish it, I decided to stop at one. Genuinely like the author.45


Torrent5 star

So good and dark, I can’t wait to find out what happens next to Rafe and Alex! Loved the characters, and their storyline, gritty, fast paced, couldn’t put it down. Three cheers for Gemma James.55


Dumb1 star

Really dumb story, with boring characters.15


Dark but gripping3 star

I despise rape and this book was no doubt centered around it but I was very interested to see how the story played out. Unfortunately, there was little to no character development and it ended on a huge cliff hanger that I was not interested in pursuing. I had really hoped that the main character would come to her senses and build some strength and humility but she instead gave in. Complete let down. I finished this book but will not be reading more.35

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