When He's Dirty

When He's Dirty Summary

As a member of Walker Security, Adrian Mack has found redemption for a walk on the dark side. For six years the former FBI agent was undercover in the notorious Texas Kings biker club. For six years he changed, he became one of them and when the bust happened, he didn't know who he was anymore. On a hitlist with a price on his head he disappeared and joined Walk Security, but now, the trial is set to start and witnesses are dropping like flies.  

Assistant District Attorney, Priscilla Miller is tasked with the conviction of The King himself, and she's passionate about taking him down, but her case is falling apart. She's also in trouble, and while she resists Adrian, the sexy ex-FBI agent with a killer reputation, and his team at Walker Security are her answer, in more ways than one.

He touches her, she melts.
He shields her, she survives.

But everything is not as it seems. Friends are enemies. Secrets are really lies. And the one time in his life Adrian lets his heart do the thinking, passion might just be deadly.

When He's Dirty is the first book in Adrian's story.
Book two: When He's Bad
Book three: When He's Wild

Book Reviews


Excellent with the cliffhanger4 star

I enjoy this author, her drama and suspense is super interesting. What I need to remember, is she is also the queen of the cliffhanger and this book is no exception. I did not realize it was the first of a trilogy and of course the requisite cliffhanger made its appearance. Exciting, interesting read until the very incomplete end. My suggestion is to get all three books before you start.45


When he’s dirty4 star

Never disappointed I love this author and all of her books!45


Holy Hell Yes!!5 star

Holy Hell YES! When he’s Dirty is a undeniable must read, full of suspense, off the charts chemistry between Pri and Adain, and hello Savage. There’s never enough Savage, EVER!!! And in true LRJ fashion a cliffhanger that makes you love to hate them... Bring on When he’s bad...I cannot wat.55

Crystal's Book World

Must read!!! Perfect start to a trilogy!5 star

The start to Adrian's and Pri's story is something made for the big screen!! I saw this story play out in my head. So addicting! Adrian has shown up in Lisa's books before and I am dying to get all of Adrian with this trilogy! The ending has you begging for more. GAH! This story was so good and the anticipation is building up I can barely handle it! When He's Dirty will have you on edge but have you hanging on every word!55



One way to describe When He's Dirty revolves around the word inevitable. Adrian and Pri were inevitable. The instant chemistry they had at the first unplanned meeting was electric. The trust they must have in each other is inevitable. In order to bring down Nick Waters, the King Devil, Adrian, and Pri develop trust for each other and work to eliminate evil from their lives all the while fearing for their lives. Walker Security playing a pivotal role in the twists and turns of the story is inevitable. Adam, Lucifer, and Savage are there to help Adrian navigate the fine line between right and wrong. Secrets, lies, dark sides, DA's, and FBI is the central storyline that makes When He's Dirty an amazing read. Thank you, Lisa Renee Jones, for bringing Adrian and his story to your faithful readers. Pri is such a strong brilliant lady and the perfect match for Adrian.55


It ended like that?!5 star

Oh how I wish I could tell you what that title means! Instead, I’ll tell you that you need to read this yourself. Adrian is the member of Walker Security who was deep undercover with the worst of the worst. Pri is the former defensive attorney turned assistant district attorney. Her job now is to put the men he used to be undercover with behind bars. He’s her ticket to victory...if they get that far. The danger is high and and they are now targets. This story is passionate on so many levels. It’s an absolute must read for anyone who loves intrigue, mystery, suspense and steam!! Lisa has done it again! Is it time for book 2 yet?!?!55


I love Adrian!5 star

I love all the Walker Security books. I was so happy to see Adrian get his story told. I am loving Adrian and Pri. I have been hooked from beginning of the book and I can’t wait to read the next book.55


OH MY GOD!!! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic’s Read5 star

OH MY GOD!!! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic’s Read Adrian’s past is catching up with him. He’s not a bad guy, he’s a terrific man. He’s just not proud of all he has done and who he had to become all for the job. To take down a bad man. Now that he has to testify to put him away he must reveal all. Adrian is fearful that this man will never be good enough for Pricilla. This trilogy will keep me on the edge of my seat! ❤️❤️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 OH MY GOD STARS! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️55


Exhilarating, Provocative & Dangerous!5 star

Buckle Up, for the beginning of what is going to be a Heck of a Wild Ride! This one hit all my buttons and I LOVED every minute of this story! Exhilarating! Provocative! Dangerous! Full of desperation, reckless passion, white, hot lust, and a hunger that could easily get out of control. Lisa Renee Jones writing never fails to get my heart pumping and my emotions stirring as her hero seduces me in every possible way. And this, had my senses and heart swooning and seduced in no time! Adrian Mack has been hiding. After working for the FBI under cover with the notorious Texas Devil’s bike club for years. He no longer is the man he use to be, after becoming one of them. He has been working with Walker Security but, with the trial set to start soon and witnesses dropping like flies it is time to leave Walker before he puts them in the line of fire. But this brotherhood of men are not about to let Adrian take on the danger that is before him alone, not on Blake Walker’s watch. Priscilla Miller “Pri” is the Assistant District Attorney who has been tasked with the conviction of the King Devil himself. But her case is in big trouble, as her witnesses are dying and disappearing like flies and her one big witness, Adrian Mack is being elusive. But with Priscilla’s history of working for her father’s high-profile law firm helping bad guys go free and making a lot of money doing it. Is she really someone that Adrian can trust? These two are drawn immediately to one another. Desperate, hungry, and full of a reckless passion and desire, that will leave you breathless. As they come together with their two kinds of pain, it ignite a passion between them that is powerful. But as they lose themselves in each other is this a new beginning? Or the beginning of the end? When secrets and lies and danger are everywhere will these two make it through, the good, the bad, and the dirty? And will they be able to handle it? What a cliffhanger!!! Received an early copy and wrote an honest review!55


The dirtier the better!5 star

I was pulled in from the beginning of this book, and it didn’t let me go until the end. Adrian thought he wasn’t a good guy anymore because of what he did while he was undercover, so I was intrigued to find out more about him. Priscilla, or Pri as she liked to be called, was tasked with prosecuting the man Adrian brought down. She needed to meet Adrian, because he was her biggest witness since they dropping like flies as the blurb stated. When they did meet, there was an immediate charge between them and I couldn’t wait to see how it would ignite. She was smart, brave, passionate, and I was curious about her past as it played into the present. She felt loneliness, and I definitely related to that. Adrian was alpha, demanding yet asked for permission from her, and I adored that about him. He was a “man tormented with deep scars,” and yet I only received a hint of how dirty he thinks he got. I can’t wait to read more about him in the next books, because I think the dirtier he gets the better! Adrian and Pri quickly crave each other, and I couldn’t resist their deepening relationship. They were “two people, [in] two kinds of pain, that are somehow lost in the passion.” But will them being lost in passion cost them something in return? Read this romantic suspense novel that I loved but ended with a dirty cliffhanger and find out, because I highly recommend it! I requested and received an advanced copy of this ebook for my honest review that I am voluntarily leaving.55

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