All Cylinders: Cars of 1951

All Cylinders: Cars of 1951 Summary

All Cylinders: Cars of 1951is an inaugural eBook for the iPad organized around a single year from Trager’s massive and comprehensive chronology of automotive history from Leonardo da Vinci to the Tesla.

All Cylinders: Cars of 1951is a lively, informative eBook that gives vintage automobile enthusiasts an accelerated road trip through 1951 celebrating and uniquely highlighting the core makes, models, designers, inventors, race drivers, CEOs, and related developments from a year that defined the auto industry in the U.S. and across the globe.

Entries include information on the choice makes and models of the age. From the universally appreciated (Chrysler V-8, Hudson Hornet, Henry J Corsair) to the acquired tastes of the overseas market (Ford Consul & Zephyr, Mark IV Humber Super Snipe, Simca Aronde, Delahaye 235, VW Microbus), All Cylinders: Cars of 1951is a lively eBook that captures the spirit of the era and its innovation.

Past the great cars of the era, readers will also discover entries that cover the labor that built them, the roads, bridges, and tunnels they drove through, the races they ran in, the motorcycles, buses and trolleys they ran alongside or replaced, the policies that insured them and ads that sold them, the smog they belched, and the myriad technical advances that inched them toward the present.

With a snappy design and ample imagery from the era, All Cylinders: Cars of 1951is sure to draw classic car fans into a now bygone era when America’s love affair with the automobile was at its apex.

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