Little Car Doesn't Want to Take a Shower

Little Car Doesn't Want to Take a Shower Summary

Little Car doesn't like bathtime!

If you and your children like books about things that go, such as cars and trucks, you will love the "LITTLE CAR LEARNS GOOD MANNERS" series. This is a great book for preschoolers and little children who love cars (but not showers!).

Mommy Car says it's time to get in the shower. But Little Car tries to hide in the bathroom. Will Mommy Car find him? In the end, Little Car learns that showering is not so bad at all: his paint is now soooo shiny!

Enjoy this lovely Little Car adventure together with your boys and girls who love cars and vehicle stories. You and your kids will love Evelyn's toddler books about brushing teeth, bathing, saying please and thank you, etc.

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All of them available as ebooks and full-color paperbacks.

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